Hanneli Mustaparta is making her debut as a designer in New York. Here she wears a dress made of Norwegian wool. Foto: Renate Torseth/Pudder Agency
Hanneli Mustaparta is making her debut as a designer in New York. Here she wears a dress made of Norwegian wool. Foto: Renate Torseth/Pudder Agency


Hanneli Mustaparta’s New York

The New York based Norwegian model and fashion blogger has created a collection based on traditional Norwegian wool that’s a perfect fit for her new home town.

Mustaparta in a sweater from her collection. Foto: Renate Torseth/Pudder Agency.If you flick through Vogue or Elle, you’re almost bound to have seen photographs of Hanneli Mustaparta. She lives in New York and switches between her roles as model and content provider for the magazines. And with her unpretentious style, she often appears on many best-dressed lists. Mustaparta can now also call herself a designer. She has joined forces with Sandnes Garn to create a knitwear collection.

“I wanted to design clothes that I would be happy to wear every day. They are tight knit to give them a clean appearance, while at the same time, we’ve chosen colors that are a mix of the sophisticated and sweet. A mix that’s just like me,” Mustaparta tells Scandinavian Traveler.

“You’re renowned for your eclectic and elegant style and there's not been much traditional knitwear on view. How do you combine knitwear with a wardrobe like yours?”

“I wear plenty of knitwear. What’s best of all is to have sweaters you love to team with other clothes in your closet. Now when high-waisted jeans are finally back in stores, it's so simple. I wear them with the “Marina” pastel yellow sweater. Or with “Agnes”, that’s backless and cable knit sweater “Solveig”. The sweaters are a slim fit for a pure and elegant look. You can also team them with high-waisted skirts.

“When you knit a garment, you appreciate how much effort goes into the clothes we wear. Have you thought about the environmental aspects of this?

“Knitwear lasts a long time if you take care of it. If you’ve knitted it yourself or been given it by someone close to you, you put a different value on the garment. You keep it for longer.”

“Do you knit yourself? And if so, when and how did you learn to knit? How hard is it to learn how to knit?

“My granny taught me to knit when I was 10 years old and since then I’ve done plenty of knitting from time to time. I've knitted numerous scarves, hats and socks over the years. I was surprised at how easy it was to learn the different stitches. I've managed to learn all the techniques for my sweaters, to understand their varying degrees of difficulty. It’s important for me that everyone can face a challenge. 

Norwegian Hanneli Mustaparta works as a model and blogger in New York. She has now launched a knitwear collection made of Norwegian wool.

Fun advice for SAS travelers to New York ....

“For me, New York is all about food. My absolute favorite place is the Little Owl in the West Village, where I order meatball sliders and corn. Blue Ribbon is the place I thank for being here, as this was where I learned to love sushi back in 2005. I like to eat breakfast at the Egg Shop, the place is a dream. They do honey glazed fried chicken. The Waverly Inn is another choice. I go there for their macaroni and cheese with truffle and not least, the fantastic atmosphere.” 

Text: Inga Ragnhild Holst

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