New York is like a medina, an Italian shopping street and a treasure trove all rolled into one. Photo: Shutterstock
New York is like a medina, an Italian shopping street and a treasure trove all rolled into one. Photo: Shutterstock


5 specialty stores in New York

In need of a Valentino skirt? A pair of made-to-measure shoes? Or an Indian rug? Where can you find all that gathered on one and the same island? On Manhattan, of course!

ABC Carpet & Home

You'll find items from all over the world here. Revel in Japanese furniture, Indian textiles, Arabian jewelry, American ceramics, soaps, paper, carpets and plants. The store puts a lot of effort into creating imaginative displays. The Broadway store is the flagship and is spread across several floors. It's located right by Union Square Market - and the Strand bookstore, which is known for its specialty books - making it a nice place to come and spend the day.

ABC Carpet & Home

888 Broadway, abchome.com

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DIY heaven

If you love to sew, or just want to visit an interesting store, you should head to Mood, located in the Garment District. This area of Midtown used to be home to a lot of textile factories and at Mood, time has stood still. It can't be seen from the street, but a uniformed elevator operator will whisk you up to the store filled with millions of fabrics, buttons, tassels and ribbons. You're guaranteed never to have seen anything like it before. Well, unless you've watched reality show Project Runway, which used the store as a location.

Mood Fabrics

225 W 37th St, NY 10018

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Shoes made to measure

Ballerina shoes and comfort have until now been poles apart. Margaux has changed all that, stocking ballerina shoes with a small heel and comfortable sole - made to measure. They're also beautiful and available in an incredible number of colors. Margaux was founded by Alexa Buckley and Sarah Pierson in 2015. If you want a pair of these shoes, you'll need to book an appointment for a fitting and potential purchase at their showroom in Chelsea, although they've recently opened a store in San Francisco. Prices start at a reasonable Nkr1,500. Don't miss out!


37 w 20th Street, Suite, 1206, New York

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Mandag til fredag 10 – 18, lørdag 12 – 18.


At vintage store 2nd Time Around, you'll find clothes from famous fashion houses such as New York's Diane von Fürstenberg and Dolce & Gabbana. You'll also find stylish clothes, shoes and bags from names that are not quite so big, but still of high quality. All sorted by size. While Diane von Fürstenberg's wrap dresses cost around $250 in her own stores or at Neiman Marcus, you can get them for around half that at 2nd Time Around. The clothes are sold on commission, which means that people sell their items here and split the money with the store. In America, and in New York in particular, it's all about convenience and the store can actually collect the clothes for sale from the homes of the sellers. This isn't just a single store, but a chain with a total of 40 stores in 12 States. In New York, you'll find stores both in Chelsea and on Madison Avenue.

2nd Time Around

Dylan's Candy Bar, New York. Foto: Silveira Neto/Flickr

Sweet things

Designer Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan Lauren was so fond of sweet things that she opened up her own candy store, Dylan's Candy Bar, in 2001 and it's as much a treat for the eyes as for the taste buds. Dylan is probably Willy Wonka's biggest competition. Here you'll find chocolate, lollipops, caramels, fudge, marshmallows and cakes of all colors and sizes. Check out the candy vending machines and the edible jewelry and don't miss the retro candy sorted by decade. The store interior alone is enough to give you diabetes, with trees made from lollipops and stairs that seem to be cast in hard candy. Your kids will remember a visit here for many years.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

1011 Third Avenue, 60th Street, New York, NY 10065

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